Five Most Frequently Asked Questions to Female NASCAR Fans

Fans take a picture at Pocono Raceway prior to the Pocono 400.
Fans take a picture at Pocono Raceway prior to the Pocono 400.

Whenever people find out a woman likes to watch racing in any form, they usually ask the same questions over and over. And these questions keep getting asked by different people all the time. Here are the five most frequently asked questions to women who love racing.


1. “Do you like Danica Patrick?”


Whether it’s because they don’t know any other drivers or they assume we like the one famous woman who races cars, this question gets old pretty quickly. The first ten times are okay, but by the twentieth time, no way do we want to hear the question. I don’t mean to knock the ladies who do like her or say she’s a bad person, but for the rest of us whose favorite drivers are one of the guys, no mas por favor.


2. “Why do you like a sport where they just drive in circles?”


For some, it’s the atmosphere or the personalities. For others, it’s the strategies that come into play throughout the race. There are even some who enjoy learning how the cars work – think Ashley Parlett (@Just_AP), who’s a car chief for Turner Scott Motorsports. As you can tell, for many of us, it’s more than just driving in circles.


3.“Isn’t that a guy thing?”


Women make up 40 percent of the fan base, actually. Teams even sell merchandise for the female fans – and it’s not all of that pretty-girl stuff, either. There are even replica uniform shirts for women – see here and here. Plus, there are women who work in the media and the garages – Danielle Trotta, Kaitlyn Vincie, Jamie Little, Ashley Parlett, and Danica Patrick to name a few. While it used to be a guy thing, it isn’t anymore.


4. “That guy’s cute. Is he your favorite driver?”


Um, no. Come on, man. While I’m sure some women think one of their favorites is cute, or think a driver or two are cute, that is by no means the reasoning behind how we choose our favorites. It could be the driver’s personality, or their driving style, or their stories, or whatever else it might be about the driver.


5. “How did you even get into this?”


It’s for many of the same reasons guys do. Some families have been watching NASCAR for decades, so it’s normal for some women to watch every race. Other women grew up actually in the racing world, whether they themselves raced every weekend or another family member did. And others visited a track and just fell in love with everything about being at the track.


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