Nico Rosberg Dominates In German Grand Prix

Rosberg, Bottas, and Hamilton celebrate on the podium at Hockenheim. Photo from
Rosberg, Bottas, and Hamilton celebrate on the podium at Hockenheim. Photo from

Formula One visited Germany on Sunday, and it was an interesting race. Right on the first corner of the first lap, out came the safety car as Kevin Magnussen made heavy contact with Felipe Massa, causing Massa’s car to flip. Massa was uninjured but was out of the race while Magnussen was able to rejoin in twentieth. Another big incident occurred late in the race, on lap 46. Daniil Kvyat’s car suddenly caught on fire, ending his day early. Fortunately, Kvyat was able to pull to the side and jump out of the car uninjured. The team later said it was a drive train failure and they would investigate further into the problem.

As with last race, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel were battling for position in the late stages of the race. At one point, Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo joined in the fight for position, making it a three wide battle between himself, Vettel, and Alonso. Ultimately, it was Vettel who finished ahead, followed by Alonso and then Ricciardo.

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes had a spectacular race in Germany as well. After crashing in qualifying due to a brake failure, he started in the last position. As he was making his way up the field, he tried to make a pass on Jenson Button. However, due to a misjudgment from Button, who thought Hamilton was farther back than he was, Hamilton’s front wing broke after contact between the two. Hamilton had to make his second pit stop earlier than planned but was able to continue charging up the field.

Nico Rosberg won his home race by almost 21 seconds, with Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, and Fernando Alonso rounding up the top five.


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