Pocono Raceway To Participate In Google Business View

The Pocono Raceway grandstands sit near empty the day before the Pocono 400.
The Pocono Raceway grandstands sit near empty the day before the Pocono 400.

Pocono Raceway announced on Friday that they have partnered with Google’s Business View Program, which is a division of Google Maps, and Aerial Media Productions. The track has also hired a separate company to capture video using an unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV. Aerial Media Productions will be capturing the UAV as well as the other videography while Business Photo America, a company trusted by Google, will be capturing the still photos, the 360° view Photo Spheres, and the Google Tour.

Pocono Raceway becomes the first track on the NASCAR circuit to partner with Google Business View.

Google Business View is a relatively new program from Google that is considered to be the indoor version of Street View. Almost any business is allowed to sign up and participate in this program. Both returning and new customers will be able to take a tour of and look around the store or venue before arriving and can virtually experience what the business is like.

After getting the chance to play with Google Business View before the announcement, I think this would be a very good step for Pocono Raceway and many other tracks. It was fun to look around a business on a phone as I normally would if I were there. I chose to look at a view from an observation deck in Las Vegas and it was almost as if I were there. For example, if I looked up, I saw the helicopter the camera was sitting on. If I looked down, I saw the street. If I looked to the right, I saw the MGM Grand Hotel. Imagine if that were Pocono Raceway – you would be able to look around and see the track, the garages, the infield, and so much more from your phone or other portable electronics. Hopefully this brings more fans to the races at Pocono.


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